Saša Toperić

(source) Saša Toperić also written Sasha Toperich is a concert pianist, diplomat, and a human rights advocate. Toperich was born on 1972 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When he was 21 years old, he served in the Israeli Army. (source) Concert Pianist Since the age of four, Toperich has been playing the piano. At the age […]

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The Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina

(source) Equality Laws The Constitution of BiH forbids discrimination of any kind, which includes on the basis of sex. Years later, Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Law on Gender Equality in 2003. The law “shall regulate, promote and protect gender equality, guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment of all persons regardless of gender in public […]

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Blog #5

(source) Immigration  In 2003, Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Law on Movement and Stay of Aliens. This law means that an alien who has been granted residency on humanitarian grounds is entitled to work, will be ensured education, health and social care under the same conditioned as the citizens. This legislation protects these aliens from […]

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