Bosnian Traditions

Evolution of Bosnian Food Bosnian cuisine is a hybrid of Serbian, Turkish, Austrian, and Hungarian dishes. Bosnia was a part of the Ottoman Empire some 600 years ago, which is now present-day Turkey. Idioms and dishes intertwined between these two. In Bosnia you can eat chevapi, which is a grilled dish of a minced meat, […]

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Bosnian Civil Society and NGO’s

(source) Civil Society On October 28th 2015, there was a conference held to discuss “EU Guideline for civil society 2014-2020, Introduction to monitoring in Bosnia and Herzegovina.” The conference established a platform for unique harmonized messages about the importance of the process and validation of sources to be used by 2020, estimation of changes in […]

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Bosnia’s Technology Development

  Internet Penetration In just 13 years, Bosnia has been able to raise their percentage of internet users from 1.1% in 2000 to 67.9% in 2013. So far this is the most recent internet penetration data.  (source) It is obvious with this data that accessibility has increased tremendously and even though 67.9% is much higher than 1.1%, […]

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Saša Toperić

(source) Saša Toperić also written Sasha Toperich is a concert pianist, diplomat, and a human rights advocate. Toperich was born on 1972 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When he was 21 years old, he served in the Israeli Army. (source) Concert Pianist Since the age of four, Toperich has been playing the piano. At the age […]

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The Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina

(source) Equality Laws The Constitution of BiH forbids discrimination of any kind, which includes on the basis of sex. Years later, Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Law on Gender Equality in 2003. The law “shall regulate, promote and protect gender equality, guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment of all persons regardless of gender in public […]

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Blog #5

(source) Immigration  In 2003, Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Law on Movement and Stay of Aliens. This law means that an alien who has been granted residency on humanitarian grounds is entitled to work, will be ensured education, health and social care under the same conditioned as the citizens. This legislation protects these aliens from […]

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Bosnia’s Cultural Dimensions

Power Distance Bosnia and Herzegovina is an unequal country which means their power distance is relatively high. Power distance typically corresponds with how developed the country is. Although there is no index to determine the power distance difference in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is one for Yugoslavia who the country once belonged to. Ex-countries, Serbia, […]

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